Rabbit fur is the most common type used in modern fur industry today. There are several breeds of rabbits and they produce different fabrics. What you should know about it? What can you make out of it?  Lets begin another lesson of fur types, because Rabbity blog absolutely loves rabbit fur.

Rabbit fur for wool

Such rabbit breed have high quality hair coat and it’s suitable for spinning. However such yarn has to be groomed a lot more than any other type of wool. If you are looking for these woolly rabbit breeds region, you may find them in America ( Fuzzy Lop), France (Angora) and England (Angora). There might be some difference between Giant Angora and the Satin Angora breeds.  If you look closely you’ll see that English Angora rabbits has hair on their faces, while others don’t. Tassels, hair on ears, might be seen on English and Giant Angora rabbits, but not on French and Satin breeds. Satin Angora breed is a mixture of French and Satin rabbits and their wool might be stronger and easier to spin into yarn. If you’re making a coat out of Satin Angora, you’ll need to groom it out. However, English Angora isn’t easy to groom as well. If a rabbit is a senior, especially between Jersey Woolly ad American Fuzzy Lop breeds, coats made out their fur considerate to be “easy care”. You don’t have to groom it as much as English Angora. If Angora rabbit has shorter than 2 inches fur, it’s considered  poor quality, while American breeds hair need to be over 1-2 inches. 

Rex rabbit fur 

What breed of rabbits produce the most fur for coats? Of course it’s REX breed. If a coat isn’t made from Rex fur  it’s not a genuine one. Their plush and short hair are perfect for rabbit fur coats. If you buy Rex rabbit fur coat, just make sure that the guard hair are as long as undercoat.  There are two types of Rex breed, the Mini Rex and The Rex. The ideal length of such rabbit breed hair, is 5/8 inches.  If it’s under 1/2 or over 7/8 inches long, the coat is considerate to be poor quality. 

Satin Rabbit fur

The Saint, Mini Satin and Satin Angora breeds produce hair with a light reflection quality. If you wear such coat, you’ll definitely shine. This glass like fur ideal length is 1 to 8 inches, but it may vary from 7/8 and even to 11 inches. There is no other breed that produces such shiny hair.

Normal Rabbit fur

If woolly type or shimmering satin is not for you, try normal/regular rabbit fur. These are all other rabbit breeds except for Rex, Satin and Wool.  There are such types of rabbits that have Rollback coats. If you pet fur of such rabbit backwards it will roll back, but slowly into position. There are also such types that has Flyback hair, just pet this type of rabbit backwards and you’ll see how immediately it fly back into position.  There is only one type of animal that has a normal standing fur and it’s Silver Fox (but about types of fox fur later).  The length of normal rabbit fur may vary from 11/2 inches. 

The end of the lesson.