Another lesson about the types of fur. If you know all about rabbit coats, this time prepare for the historical lecture about raccoon fur in 1920′s. There might be a time when any type of fur becomes 
obsolete. It might not be possible… Of course we still recall those times when fur was a practical necessity.  Today we can’t imagine high fashion without bulky coats, furry collars and etc. 

In mid 2o’s, that golden age of Jazz and Fitzgerald’s, young American women and men adored raccoon fur coats. The Roaring Twenties, as they say, excepted gray and flamboyant shades of this type of fur. This was a time of freedom, sexual rebellion and all that Jazz.  Women wanted to look trendy, so as their men expected. After the World War I raccoon coats were adored. They represented style and extravagant lifestyle. Even if Scott F. Fitzgerald din’t have enough money he still bought a fur coat for his beloved Zelda. 

Raccoon fur coat

Why raccoon fur coats?

Since the beginning of times fur was a primal winter material and very warm insulation. However, raccoon coats have always had a lesser value than any other type of fur, but it was so popular during 1920′s. There were car that polluted, girls smoked cigarettes, wore fur coats and it was wonderful.  Driving might be responsible for the popularity of fur coats. Those who bought Model T Ford automobiles, had to buy a new fur coat for their wives and lovers. Fur coats made from raccoon hair were perfect for driving cars during frosty winters. Those who could not afford a brand new car also wore such coats, because this was not a symbol of warmth or necessity, but the symbol of wealth. That is how the Fitzgerald’s acted in public.

First it was wealthy men and women, but not long before highly educated students began to wear raccoon fur. There was a time when students from Ivy League colleges and universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale) propagated such image. Even brightest celebrities made such type of fur iconic. Those fashionable personalities were football players, radio stars, but most of the time, it was golden Hollywood stars and artists who rocked this furry image. They wore those raccoon coats to football games, parties, film premiers and etc. To have such coat during modern Jazz age was a must. 

Raccoon trapping for various reasons

This lesson might be historical, but raccoon fur makes a comeback and it’s not just because of fashion. Raccoon tend to spread diseases and endanger other animals.  Of course in the eyes of fashion this type of fur is sturdy, warm and well priced. If you want to feel warm and look wealthy like Zelda Fitzgerald, just put on such coat and feel that flapper spirit. Even if this symbol of wealth was short-lived, once in a while it makes a comeback, like in 1950′s. Well today we might choose other types of fur, but raccoon fur is perfects choice for trimming of collars and cuffs. Scot and Zelda Fitzgerald