What is so unique about fur? It’s one of the oldest clothing material.  Since the beginning of times fur trades were the main concern. Even today, fur fashion is at the eyes of high fashion. If women in ancient times wore fur coats as a necessity to stay warm, we look at this material as some sort of fashion statement. However, seasons change so do necessities. Do we actually know how to wear fur?  

If you think of a few qualities of fur, what comes into you mind first? Warmth, glamour and high social status. Every seasons is the season of fur, but if we want to look classy and trendy, we have to fallow the rules. How to wear fur? Colours and types of fur clothes vary, but there are a few styling solutions for this stable fashion material.

Fashion designers create fur coats, vests, handbags and other fashion necessities.  If you don’t want to look trashy or too wild, follow these tips and look glam this autumn and winter.

©Fur fashion

©Fur fashion

Fallowing fur fashion rules

Fur fashion has its followers and its fighters against cruelty towards animals.  They believe that hundred of animals suffer because of fashion industry. The truth is, human kind have been hunting animals for a long long time, however today there are ways to make an artificial fur clothes.  However, genuine fur is a real thing. We are still waiting for those new fur clothing collections. We still want to create a hundred pounds worth looks.

Even if there are several types and designs of fur, they all must follow the rules of fur fashion. Today you can dye your fur coats and vests in various shades of colours. From light, to dark and bright, almost screaming colours.  If you are about to buy a new fur coat or fur vest, pay attention to it’s quality, so as colour.  The best decision is to go for a contrast.  If you are more of a black and grey fashionsita,  choose a lighter or brighter colour fur. The best choice is green, purple or even mustard.And if you prefer bright and light dresses instead of grey and black, choose such furry accessories that goes perfectly with this spectrum of colours:  purple and orange, blue and yellow, red and dark green.

©Maurizio Pecoraro Milan Fashion Week

©Maurizio Pecoraro Milan Fashion Week

If it’s your first time in the world of fur fashion, go for something classy.When bright and pastel colours goes out of style, brown, gray or camel shades may never go out of fashion.  If you bought a fur vest, fur coat or any other fur garment, it’s time for styling and sorting lessons.  Fur might look ideal with mostly any type of accessory and outfit, can it?

 Here are 15 fur wearing rules. 

I. For the love of fur coats.  If you choose a long coat it wouldn’t fit your casual looks.  Save you long fur coat for special occasions.  Such coat looks perfect with high heels, black dresses and some  luxurious jewelry.  This type of fur fashion is made for formal parties only. Try not to look ridiculous, you are not Carrie Bradshaw.

II. Midi and short length fur coats are more practical. You will look trendy with short fur coat, a pair of Levis jeans and high leather boots. If your short coats looks elegant enough ( it might depend on the model) you can wear it even for a formal occasion.

III. Do not forget that fur fashion will make you look bigger. It’s highly unavoidable. But you may avoid this bulky image by wearing lighter clothes underneath.  You can even try putting a a belt on your fur vest.

IV. Fur definitely meets the eye. It’s extremely fashionable, there was no autumn/winter fashion show without this material. However avoid wearing fur from head to toe.  Simplicity is genius. Fur might only be one small piece of your fashionable outfit.

Winter fur blues

Winter fur blues

V. Want to look crazy, almost psychedelic, why don’t you try skinny jeans tucked in your autumn/winter boots with some crazy looking fur vest. The same goes for leather trousers and high boots.

VI. If you don’t want to risk fashionable, better choose furry accessories, instead of furry outfits.  One simple accent can drastically change your look.  Today you can choose from all sorts of fur accessories, from handbags, to fur collars,  jackets and ear muffs.

VII. Fur fashion wouldn’t be the same without fur vests. They can look both casual and elegant. It depends on your  fashion and clothing choices. Jeans with brown boots can be topped off with a fur vest. But better wear some light dress underneath the vest.

Fur vest

Fur vest

VIII. Another fashion choice is fur jackets.  They look stunning with skinny pants and extremely high boots.

IX.  Winter wouldn’t be complete without fur scarfs, hats, collars and ear muffins. Such accessories fits all. And a little bit of fur wouldn’t hurt.

X. The easiest piece of fur accessories is a collar.  It will add some style and colour to your plain coat, jacket or a sweater. You can also wear a fur scarf.

XI. Boots with fur will look voguish.  However, if you want to look stunning with fur trimmed shoes, pay attention to your figure, silhouettes and weight.  If you look short and plump, these type of boots will make you look even shorten, but also bigger in  size, not in height.

XII. If you feel plain and gray in your winter coat, how about a furry bag in all shapes and shades of colours? However, it’s against fashion rules to wear a fur handbag during summer, because it’s only made for winter.

Wearing fur with leather skirt

Wearing fur with leather skirt

XIII. Fur works hand in glove with leather. You can even buy already designed fur and leather outfits.  If you can’t find such outfit, try leather pats, skirts and footwear.

XIV. If you’re passionate about 70′s, combine hippies wide-leg pants and midi skirts with fur. You can also try coats, fur scarfs and vest together with the 70′s look.

XV. To finish the list of fur fashion rules,  how about  short fur coats with shorts skirts and some 60′s style.

Do you fell furry and unique? Winter is coming and now you know how to properly sport your furry looks. 

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