Ski holidays and mountaineering are not far away, thus it’s about time to look for that perfect and trendy skiing gear. We’ll offer you 12 steps of fashionable skiing, because it’s vital to avoid pitfalls and slopes of the biggest fashion mistakes. Is it possible to look like a ski chick with those enormous goggles, fluffy ski vests, gloves and puffy coats? It’s quite difficult, but we are going to try. 

60 fur hat

The chaos of hair, puffy outfits, struggle to ski and climbing mountains. Ski holiday is all about winter struggles so as excitement.  Of course it’s much easier lying on a beach half naked, covered only in a wrap and blazing sun, but skiing could be as relaxing as summer heat. So think ahead and plan your skiing escape to Switzerland, Austria, Aspen or Vermont. If you choose a proper skiing gear, your winter holiday experience will be extraordinary.  Just fallow these 12 tips of fashionable skiing outwear.

audrey hepburn

Ski holidays essentials: 

1. Moon boots are essential part of snow walks. These boots are a part of ski gear and if you are a professional skier, you should invest in them. Ugg boots may look alike, but they are not that practical, especially during blizzards.

Moon boots

2. How to choose a perfect color scheme for skiing?  Darker, blacker and looser colors are on top of skiing fashion this year.  You may look as pro skier even if you’re not one. If you like brighter shades, go for neon yellow. 

Neon yellow

3. Knits for skiing holiday should be simple, minimalist, but cozy. You can either go for sporty or a snugly Christmas sweaters underneath your puffy coat. However, choose a slimmer one, so that  it could fit underneath. 

retro skiing knits

4.  Besides traditional ski gear, you can experiment with extreme snowboarded look. Graphic shapes, looser and low outfits brings us back to the 70′s. If you are  up for extreme, anything goes with this attitude, even trousers with pandas. 


5. If anything goes for extreme snowboarding, this rule does not apply to all-in-one skiing suits, does it? Vintage 80′s skiing suits should stay in 80′s, or maybe they can be fashionably update? Just like Chanel’s version of back and white prints with perfect goggles. 

Chanel skiing

6.A bobble hat with a pompom on the top, looks trendy and feels cozy. If you are planning your ski holidays outfit don’t loose your inner childish spirit. Snow fights brings us back to childhood. 

Bobble hat

7. Instead of bright shades, you can go for a monochrome modern look.  Either red or black salopettes with some white high -waits trousers and pale jacket or a coat with black trims. If you don’t want to look all dull and black, give a twist to your outfit with bright and funny ski socks. Besides it’s your holiday not a fashion runaway. 

Monochromic skiing outfit

8. The essential part of a ski kit is of course the helmet. It’s practical and rarely fashionable, but there is a chance to make it all better, just take the one with fur-lines. 

winter mountains landscape

9. If your ski holidays do not include skiing, but rather a cozy relaxation in front of fireplace in Aspen,  you can still look trendy. It’s even possible to plan an escape to the mountains without even skiing. If you are planning your mountaineering dress code,  include wraps, raccoon lined-parkas, biker boot, jackets, Christmas knits and goggle looking sunglasses.


10. Even skiing resorts have a spa, so if you think that winter is not the time for a bikini, think again.  If you are not much of a skier, just relax in hotel’s spa. 

Ski resort spa

11. If you hate messy hair,  a slick ponytail will keep your winter look in order. 

Skiing ponytail

12. Après-ski dressing is a real thing and it’s all about cocktail parties, late dinner, nightclubs and etc. It’s not just summer, the season of night clubbing. Just take your little black dress and have fun. Besides New Years Eve is not far ahead. 

back party dress