Urban culture and urban clothing goes hand in hand. This type and sense of style is popular with urban youth from overpopulated big cities, especially with those who are involved in hip-hop and rap music subculture. However, today, it’s not all about rap and hip-hop anymore. Urban style is massive, we see new urban brands rising. Most fashion bloggers get  inspirations from urban ready-to-wear collections. If we look at this changing trend from different areas and countries, clothing ideas of urban youth might get new forms. These young people lives in urban cities and they don’t need to fallow high fashion dress-codes, they create their own style.  In a way this uniqueness becomes mainstream. 

style of Creole-Belle Urban clothing


Urban clothing trends are usually associated with  music culture in some specific urban city areas. Hip-hop and rap is just a typical example. Actually any genre of pop music has a great impact on youth’s clothing choices. In USA  these trends happen to be related to African American youth, but in other countries this distinction is inexpedient. Somehow music is a medium for stylistic choices. The biggest music icons have a great influence on youngsters style. Year by year, day by day and performer after performer, we see how this urban culture changes. Urban outfit

Urban wardrobe:

What are the most common items in the wardrobe of urban wearer? It should be hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers. All these clothes are usually designed with some sort of slogan.  Urban means informal, but their might be some accessories, large jewelry, that gives a little bit of posh and bling to this street style. Urban youth is absolutely crazy about hats. They are designed for specific outfit. Men and women like those looser pants, but within years those precise cut urban pants changed. Shoes may vary, from heels to sneakers. If clothing choices and types of outfits are quite the same, every urban person’s difference and uniqueness can be seen in colours and through the shades. The basic is of course bright or black. Sometimes you may notice those who combine shades according to landscape, ass if they are trying to blend in with the street. Today even the best designers are going for urban clothes. However, the popularity of brands and designers changes rapidly. With urban culture also came the gangster fashion. It’s mostly oversized clothes and converse sneakers. 

Urban outfit

Personal attitude 

Urban clothing requires an attitude. But what is actually a genuine type of urban outfit and urban person? If a girl and a boy calls herself/himself urban, has urban friends and urban upbringing, she/he acts like he means it. They are those who fallow and those who dictates the trends of urban lifestyle. Those fashion dictators or leaders aren’t afraid of large-scale changes. The group of urban youth have their manifestation, somehow based on the leader. Sounds like political dictatorship? It’s just fashionable and urban attitude.  

Urban outfit  2

The beginning of Urban Movement

Before urban clothing became a mainstream, it had it’s upbringing and birth period. With the verge of hip-hop and rap music genres in 1970′s New York, came the urban fashion and attitude. Thus the rise of urban brands and clothing companies started. Today the biggest hip-hop artists have their own life of urban clothing lines. Fans of these great artists began to fallow their sense of style. This is when the baggy shirts and “bling-bling” trends took other. It was a viral trend that even reached further continents like Australia, Asia and Europe. Youth in London and Japan were crazy about urban style and so they still are. 


I’m into you

Urban youth is into this type of fashion. It is their way of expressing oneself. It’s about savoir-faire. Boys and  men who are into hip-hop an rap music absolutely loves urban choices.  Today designers provide urban youth with exclusive outfits. If you belong to urban culture you wish to wear  clothes as unique as possible. Teenagers are into this idea, because they are growing and developing as unique individuals. No urban design is the same. This style is sometimes nicknames “citified”. Those who lives in a big city, (with are a great population of people), wants to feel and look like an individual, or this unique person. This type of outfit may even give them confidence. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z beyonce-jay-z-urban-style-rock-estilotendances-2 beyonce-jay-z-urban-style-rock-estilotendances-4

The marks of urban clothing

I say it before and I say it now, urban style is more than hip-hop and rap. Today the market of urban fashion is still growing. It’s not just “bling-bling” accessories or baggy pants anymore. If in the beginning this type of fashion was considerate to be cheep, today it is a symbol of prestige and fame. Those who wear dark t-shirts with erratic images are stating something. They were jackets and denim pants not just for comfort but as a statement of their urban and democratic lifestyle. 

Urban outfiter

Urban brands 

 Nowadays there are plenty of urban stores.  Urban-inspired outfit,  it’s what you are looking for. Besides urban stores, there are door-to-door online stores, so the supply is great. The biggest urban stores are situated in NC, Japan, Sidney and London. Some others cities and countries are trying to fallow their example.  Urban stores chain keeps on expnanding. Today the most popular urban brand is the “Urban Outwear”. Of course this clothing stores chain had its ups and downs, especially with their specific clothing collections, that I will not mention. Besides that this brand is popular among urban youth. It’s not just casual anymore.  Various designs and qualities gives us a chance to create one unique style. In 2011 Beyonce launched her urban clothing line and kicked off with her own fashion show in London.  Youth looks up to Beyonce and her spouse Jay-Z.  Maybe wearing urban and acting urban is not that gangster anymore. It’s more of a personalized so as mainstream fashion statement. We cannot escape this curse of mainstream, can we?    

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