Just like Anna Wintour said: “there is always a way to wear fur”, after all fur coats have a long history of fashion. Even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still be Venus in Fur. We praised and we still praise genuine fur and it’s been like that for a long time. In the beginning we utilized fur only to stay warm, while today this warm clothing material has a lot of different meanings. From ancient cultures to nowadays Eskimos, fur was a vital possession. Maybe back in those days there were no celebrities endorsements, but today we surely fallow famous people who regularly wear fur.

Marlene Dietrich in fur

Celebrities in fur likes to show off their stature, appearance, but it doesn’t mean that they are superficial, it’s a part of their duty. As a public personality, they have to create and mystify their looks. Besides Anna Wintour, we could name all modern fashion divas and fashionistas of motion pictures who adore fur, but before going into the field of modern celebrities fur fashion, we have to remember our classic Hollywood stars. In those black and white motion pictures women looked divine. With their warm and luxurious fur coats they could start or end a war.

©Celebrities in Fur

In the golden era of Hollywood, famous actresses ( Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Joan Crowford, Lauren Bacall and etc.) looked glamorous and at the same time dangerous. They were the Cinema Noir girls. Production studios carefully selected their wardrobe choices. Fur was chosen as the best material to frame those beautiful faces in  black and white camera lights. But back in those days, those actresses wore fur even outside the screen. They became icons of the silver screen. Golden age celebrities in fur looked absolutely fabulous, and maybe they are responsible for inspiring the next generation of actresses.

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Roman Polanski and Prada, knows that fur can be just like a therapy. Somehow we are emotionally attached to fur, and if celebrities endorse fur coats, we are drawn to it even more. It seems that fur suits everyone. After the golden age of cinema, fascination with furs became even stronger. Despite conflicts with animal rights activist, fashion and entertainment industries continues to wear fur. 

If we take a look at nowadays famous personalities, what kind of fur they will be wearing, but most importantly, who will be wearing fur coats and furry clothing on regular basis? Maybe diamonds are not the girl’s best friend, because fur coats definitely takes their place. Of course we are used to seeing fashion models on a runway wearing the best fur coats, but when it comes to big screen celebrities, we just loose our minds. Take Sharon Stone for example, she began her career as a model and only in late 80′s she became an actress. As a model she had a great fashion background, so it’s natural that she began to adore fur. Even today she is a fur coats lover. She attend award’s ceremonies with her best fur pieces. 

Sharon stone Casino Sharon Stone

Demi Moore, just like Sharon Stone had her big break in the late 80′s – early 90′s. Just like Sharon she adored and still adore fur. Despite controversies, Demi is a great role model and fashionable woman, who looks divine in furs.

Demi Moore 2Demi Moore

Another fur diva from the same generation of celebrities is of course Madonna. She knew how to strike the pose right away. Her thriving music career, acting and scandalous lifestyle made an impact on 90′s generation. She loved fur and still loves cozy and glam looks. Seems like Lady Gaga is walking the same footpath. 

Madonna Evita

What about today’s fur fashion divas? Who dictates trends of fur? Beyonce, Dita Von Teese, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Marty Kate Olsen and etc. The list is even longer, but it seems clear that fur was praised in 1940′s, 1990′s and it still is in the 21st century of fashion. All these fur divas are fashion trends makers as well. Without celebrities endorsements, fur would loose its value.  Do you believe that fur and all these Venus in fur, could be just like an emotional therapy for us? 

Beyoncde in fur Dita von teese in fur Kate Hudson in fur Mary Kate Olsen