Wedding day is every girls dream and this occasion has to be perfect including wedding hat or hair accessories. Every bride wants to feel like the most beautiful girl in the world at least for that one moment. She wants her guest to whisper ‘he is so lucky to have such a gorgeous wife’ and then to see grooms eyes full of pride. Even though, the most important thing is for sure the dress and then another important thing is the vow itself – the details what it makes really special!

That is why we want to share some ideas and tips how to create that special look with wedding hats and other hair accessories not only for the bride but also for other guests.


Photo Credit: honey and milk via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: honey and milk via Compfight cc

  • Look for ideas in your grandmother’s album

Wedding hats add a touch of timeless elegance. You can look through you parents or grandparents wedding album, you probably will find guests or even your mom or grandma with hats. Cause, I do. My mother wore a pretty hat on her wedding day. She looked so glamorous. Look maybe you will find some ideas that will help to create unique retro wedding style.

  • Create a theme for you wedding

It looks very fancy when more people wear headgears in formal events. It can be even a theme of the wedding that all guests should wear wedding hats. Themes always make parties more both more fun and memorable. There might be other possible themes such as retro style, modern or even something funny as making girls wear suits and boys dresses (sure it is a bit brave, but if brave is your style you may try it).

Photo Credit: KelsieTaylor via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: KelsieTaylor via Compfight cc

  • Vail come back

Fashion wheel is always turning. You also may notice that more and more brides choose wedding hats decorated with a veil. I adore it because it creates a mysterious, alluring look. It can be the most beautiful detail of bride’s look.

  • Flowers in you hear

You do not necessary have to wear a wedding hat or a fascinator. Be creative and show your style. If you always fancied romantic or hippie style go for it – put some flowers in your hear


  • Important thing is following traditions and fulfill expectations

What is appropriate depends on the culture, religion or just brides wish so make sure to do a proper research. Did you know that at traditional British wedding the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom are pretty much required to wear wedding hats?

Photo Credit: vintage ladies via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: vintage ladies via Compfight cc

  • Fascinator for those that do not like to cover their head with a wedding hat

If you don’t want to wear wedding hat – fascinators is the choice that is even more popular that hats. Fascinator is a small decorative headpiece or hair accessory which is made on some kind of alice-band-type or with elastic band. It can merely be a flower or some feathers pined in your hairs. Fascinators are loved due to its lightness. It is also a better choice for those who don’t want to cover or hide hair under hat, but to combine head accessory with hairs. Fascinator can highlight your hairstyle.

  • Can have an extravagant wedding hat, but make sure not to put the bride in a shade

Women who like to stand out in a crowd would definitely choose extravagant wedding hats. For those I would recommend choosing bright colored, grand design or giant head wear. Remember however that even if you are the one that is usually in the center of attention –if it is not you wedding being in the center of attention it is like stealing.

  • Think of whole appearance not only a wedding hat

It is important to consider your whole appearance. If you decide to have a hat based on some color, add some more detail in the same color. You can use a lot of accessories a brooch, shoes or a waist belt.

  • If you don’t want a contrast look, choose subtle neutral color accessories

 You can match the fabrics of your hat and your dress. This will give balance to the whole look. Properly selected wedding hat can combine with lots of different looks. It can be worn by grandmother as well as bride, just need to pick the right hat which goes well with your whole costume. After all, you can rely on your own opinion. Pick the one that feels comfortable for you and looks good.

If you are the guest behave well and follow the bride’s rules and do not steal attention!

If you are the lucky one and it is your day coming – create your own rules! Create a look that your special one will remember for the rest of his life.