It’s never too early or too late to talk about winter fashion, especially about winter boots and shoes. But you better not loose your shoes like those fashion models on the runway. I will begin in five moments, just like fall and winter.

What could possible go wrong or right?  Maybe this fall and winter won’t be just another season of UGGS? We will see that. As fall/winter fashion week is over, we can present the latest trends of  wintertime and autumnal footwear. 

©Photo Credit: taylla via Compfight cc

©Photo Credit: taylla via Compfight cc

How the most popular fashion and shoe brands presented their winter/fall collections. Is their any similarities between them and do we need to put our UGGS in the cupboards? But why shoes and boots? No true fashionista could argue, that shoes and boots are utmost importance for the creation of your ideal image.  If you want to look perfect, you have to assemble a perfect outfit from head to toe.  Thus we’ll have a look a 14 different winter boots (more of a shoes) variations.

I.These heels are made for walking…on the runway

Aren’t these heel fabulous? Thus is probably the most frequent option for this winter/ fall season. Even if heels aren’t as practical as winter boots,  ladies put those shoes on and walked through the winter/fall runway.

This fashion week was as coulourful as spring. Those spike high heeled shoes shined on the runaway. Altuzarra, one of the shoe brands, created a very peculiar and modern twist. They added leather background to that twist and side cuts. It also seems that brown colour is coming back this season. This year Diane Von Furstenberg used some imagination and peep to toe designs. She somehow perfectly matched such high heels with playing cards pattern. As for Donna Karan,  she was quite innovative this fashion week. She created some sort of sued looks with matching textures and ankle straps. But the most deconstructed use of heels and shoe shapes came from Miu Miu collection. She somehow managed to use metal nuts and bolts for the heels.

Such shoes won’t be practical for the frosty winter, but it will look fabulous in some posh winter party. So choose the trendiest heels and rock that innovative chick look.

II.How about those chunky shoes 

If spike heels are not for you and you only strive for stability in you life, why don’t you try those chunky shoes. These chunky heeled shoes can be a perfect alternative to those “Uggsy” winter boots. These shoes are the upcoming autumn-winter must. They are uber-comfy and posh. It varies in colours, patterns and designs. Tory Burch: How about a different form of navy blue chunky shoes with thick stockings? Dolce & Gabbana: D and G collection is elegant as usual. Posh red suede and adorable studs. Thakoon: Chunky shoes with reptile skin hint gave an impressive and charming result. So if your looking for comfy and elegant shoes how about these three versions of chunky autumn and winter?

©Tony Burch, Dolce & Gabbana, Thakoon

III. Buckle up and strap you ankles 

Straps and buckles are back. This classic shoes model might the best alternative for these rough winter boots. Of course if you live in arctic winter conditions, boots might be a better choice.  However, this chic image with elegant buckled shoes looks too adorable. It’s a timeless model and the best designers loves it.

Tadashi Shoji shoes looked more as  stilettos with suede textures, Valentino rocked that glam look, Saint Laurent presented another timeless chic interpretation, Chloé brought back femininity, just like House of Holland, Lanvin, Roland Mouret, Dior and Betsy JohnsonMiu miu and Givenchy tried an open toe  shape shoes with those ankle straps. Such design choices- buckles on heeled shoes, reminds me of 17th century fashion or the posh and glamorous Baroque and those white curly wigs.

Shoes with buckles and ankle straps

©Shoes with buckles and ankle straps

IV. Passion for platforms with wedges

It looks as if 90′s are back. Platforms, wedges and creative design might look provocative or even a bit masculine, but jeweled and shimmering textures puts everything to order. Just look at some suggestions of Diane von Furstenberg, Jil Sander, Marni and Prada. These designs looks crazy enough  for autumn, but not for arctic winter.

Platform shoes

©Platforms and wedges

Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Chalayan and Jean Paul  Gaultier, exaggerated their designs, while Céline went other the top with a sandal forms platforms. Sporty platforms might also be an options for autumn or even warmer winter. So how about those platform sneakers for a change?

©Stella McCartney, Kenzo, Chalayan,Jean Paul  Gaultier, Céline

©Platforms and sporty wedges

V. Masculine winter boots 

Every year fashion trends seems to go the unisex way. If you’re tired of that girly look, how about some masculinity for a change? Manly shoes will be comfy as well as  elegant.  Hermès with their Oxford-like shape shoes, Paul Smith and Valentino in RED tried some masculinity in women’s shoes fashion.

©Hermès , Paul Smith and Valentino

©Hermès , Paul Smith and Valentino

VI.Shoes sparkling like diamonds

For that sparkling glamorous look this frosty season, change winter boots into sparkling and adorable jeweled shoes. Some models will look fabulous at some indoors winter party. The best sparkling choices this fashion week came from Saint Laurent, Rochas, Carven Marigold, House of Holland and Alexander McQueen. They used sparkling patterns, colourful and crystallized textiles.  The runway shimmered and shined with the best stilettos and combat boots choices.

VII.Winter boots with booty cuts 

High fashion have always been extravagant. Some choices might look unpractical for winter and autumn weather, but these are just some trendy suggestions. For instance those booty cut shoes and boots might be the top of this season. Its utmost creative. These cuts might be placed on the top of a shoe,  so it would turn into peep-toe, or placed on the side. Traditional choice came from Burberry and Prorsum, ad they placed that booty cut on heels or on wedges. Another alternative of such cuts looked stunning on elongated form of boots. Such choice came from David Koma, while Derek Lam placed the cuts on the side of the shoe. A bit dangerous choice came form Donna Karan, she moved that cut on the back.

VIII. Winter boots more as stilettos

The upcoming autumn/winter shoes and boots trends showed us that there is no use in punting on those uggs, because shoes with chunky heels, boot cuts and even stilettos will look fabulous. Designers managed to mach both chik and luxurious forms. Mixing up styles is a fashion win. Classic combos shapes, booties were finished with stiletto ends. The best models came from  Louis Vuitton, Paul Joe, Chloé, Lanvin, Roland Mouret and Miu Miu, fashion houses.

©Louis Vuitton, Paul Joe, Chloé, Lanvin, Roland Mouret, Miu Miu

©Winter stilettos

IX.Thigh-High and knee boots

Another trend at the top of this list is thigh- high and knee length boots. It looks extravagant and posh.  Suede textures seems to be the trendiest option. Fashion houses like Betsy Johnson, Paul Joe, Saint Laurent and Lanvin as well as Ralph Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, and Prada rocked that thigh-high boots look.

©Betsy Johnson, Paul Joe, Saint Lauren Lanvin,Ralph Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Prada

©Thigh- High and knee length boots

X. High  winter boots and low heels 

If  you’re not too comfortable in high heels, but you adore thigh-high boots models, how about this formula. It seems to be uber-comfy. Experimentation with shapes, textiles and small heels came from Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Missoni.

©Alexander Wang, Chanel, Missoni.

XI.Create and diverse 

It’s never too late to be diverse and creative. Mixing up sporty style, some fur, combos and loafer plus boots.  These mixtures are all in this upcoming season. Such creativity bursts from collections of Marc Jacobs, Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Isabel Marant, Gucci and Chanel.

XII. Female gladiator 

Gladiator model boots might not be the wormiest choice for autumn and winter season, but the trendiest. This classic model of gladiators boots, a bit renovated with various shades, came from  Alexander McQueen,Altuzarra, Emilio Pucci  and Versace collections.

©Female gladiator

XIII. All about the prints 

It’s all in the patterns and prints.  The extravagant effect comes from shoes models so as the textures. Valentino tried to be colourful and graphically cubist, while Dolce & Gabbana, Emillio Pucci, Saint Laurent and Versace chose geometric forms and their interpretations. We mentioned earlier that reptile skin makes a comeback, Alexander McQueen, Chanel,  Juan Carlos Obando, Gucci and Ralph Laurent  proves that. Another alternative for furry winter boots, will be snakeskin and crocodile leather.  Suede textiles and glittery patterns will shine the upcoming autumn/winter season as well.

XIV. Always flats shoes 

And last but not least, the flat shoes. Comfy, trendy and luxurious choices. If heels bother you, try some practical flat winter boots. There was no autumn/winter season without flat shoes options. What choices do we have? Chanel modeled comfy and sporty  colourful textile flat sneakers, while Dolce & Gabbana went for middle age inspired flats with T-straps.

©flat shoes

©flat shoes

So choose wisely my ladies. What could possibly go wrong or right this autumn/winter season? Put any of these shoes on, that furry winter hat and walk  that street like a runway model.