Do you have any frosty outfit ideas for this winter? What type of boots and shoes you’ll be wearing this season? I’ve already gave you some visual hints, but what to wear with these winter boots for women? Is it a fashion crime to sport winter boots with a dress? Such crimes have long been forgotten and forgiven. If you properly select a winter frost outfit, even that evening dress will look stunning with knee-high leather boots. Dresses and boots will be in a perfect harmony this season. Just trust CHLOÉ, VERSACE and some trendiest winter footwear choices. 

Versace FW 2014 /2015

Chloe look

Get inspired by these winter boots for women and just observe how only a few shoe models can make up a stylish difference. In this visually progressive fashion medium, we seek to know and observe the newest trends. Thus visual fashion ideas speaks louder than words.

From knee-high leather to moonwalk boots, from masculine elegance to high-heeled red-sued shoes. How should we combine these winter boots for women, with little black dresses? There is always an option to sport a true winter look. If you choose right material and a model there might not be any fashion police raids. 

(3) winter outfit options with winter boots for women:

1. Dresses and skirts with winter boots. 

If dresses and skirts coexist in your work outfit and you don’t fancy changing boots into shoes everyday, whenever you go to the office, why not go for a trendy boots look. When the dress code is strict, for instance you can only wear pencil, A-line or straight cut skirts and dresses, put on the narrow shaft high-heeled, wedged boots that will tightly fit your toe. However, if you are tall enough, combine flatter shoes with your formal outwear. Winter boots for women should look like an extension of your foot. Avoid straight bootlegs with fur if you are wearing a wide-cut skirt, because this choice will make you look massive. However, if you have those graceful legs and a large top, such boots choice might even look harmonious. This season top trends will be medium-sized stable heels and modest style shoes. If you are absolutely in love wide skirts and dresses, go for a country girl look. 

dress and boots

Skirt and boots

2. Comfy pants and boots.

Even if skirts and dresses look elegant and girly, women likes to feel comfy and warm during winter frost. Boots with pants was always a perfect combination. However, fitting pants inside boots is not the only and the best option. Of course it’s much easier to fill in skinny jeans and pants inside knee-high boots, but this might be discomforting. Try to avoid gypsum-cast look. The option of this season is skinny pants with jockey winter boots for women. This outwear will be a perfect casual choice. If a formal outfit requires high heels, go for narrow shaft  heeled or wedged boots. Jeans and boots combination was always a casual and safe choice and so it will be.  If you absolutely love comfy, skinny jeans and pants, you can definitely go for decorated fur boots. 

wedge boots

Winter boots and skinny pants

3. All about over-the-knee high boots.

This winter season is all about over-the-knee boots. These type of shoes looks perfect on those ladies with curve-shaped bodies. However, skirts and dresses with opening knees, should be worn only with tights or leggings. However,  maxi and midi-skirts, dresses so as pants with over-the-knee high boots are not the best combination. 

over-knee high boots

over-knee boots