More often kids clothing become a reflection of grown-ups trends. Copying parents is in our nature, so unsurprisingly 2013/2014 fall-winter trend in Kids fashion represents similar ideas.  Of course there are some specifics and variations in silhouettes, colors and mixtures of different styles.  But lets’ have a closer look at specifics for this cold season.

Photo Credit: Bhumika.B via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Bhumika.B via Compfight cc

Fur is all around kids

Kids clothing, so as adults are full of fur this season.  So this winter closets should be supplied with fur fake or real fur: hats, berets, coats, collars, muffs, fur trimmed shoes and bags.

Season of cozy knitwear

Knitted material kids clothing is also on top this season. So make sure your child has plenty of different jumpers, sweaters, and cardigans. Free knits will be as trendy as various rhombs, stripes and cones. So don’t be afraid to mix up your kids outfit. You can also try knitting a sweater yourself. Nothing is warmer than a mother’s knitted sweater.

Denim makes a comeback

Jeans seems to be at the top of fashion this season. Well, it is always a timeless detail. Of course don’t be silly using too much of it, but jeans are the most universal wear for kids. The main accent this season will be richly-embellished jeans with lace, crystals, fringe and studs. We noticed that denim is making a comeback in 2013. So if you decide to buy your kid a denim pinafores and jumpsuits with skinny legs, don’t hesitate.

Trendiest colors

Kinds clothing colors also mimic adult fashion trends. This season natural colors should dominate in our kids wardrobes. Of course gray, steel, brown and trendy black and white coloring should be mixed up with all shades of red (pink, orange, purple, fuchsia).

Printed material

Various prints on clothing is the coming this season.  Your kids clothing won’t look dull, because statement prints, appliqués and embroidery will add some cheerfulness. Stripes and polka dots will be on top this season.

 Unspecified hats



If it comes to kids’ head-wear, there are no specifications.  It can be either a fur or a knitted hat, as long as it have some bold and appliques.

Contrasting colour palette

Last season was all about minimalist color, but this year you can experiment. Your kid clothing can be built around one bold element even with contrasting colors.

Ideas for boys outfit

Upcoming season in boys fashion offers some smart ideas. Dress your son in jumpers with bold prints and a V-shaped necklines, grunge jeans, velvet coats, etc. There are some minor details and accessories in boys’ fashion: studs, chains, buttons and etc.  As well as is men fashion, militaristic themes are never out of trend.