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Born In The North
Sheep fur (Toskana)
Rabbit fur
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Sheep fur (Toskana)
I Am The Man
Rabbit fur
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Places We Go
80 % raccoon and 20 % fox fur
Into The Wild
Raccoon fur

Men's winter hats

Men from the wilderness

Even if our men’s winter hats collection is a little bit tight in colour, this headgear will defiantly make any boy into a man from the wild. Fur has been the main clothing material not just for centuries, but for thousand of years. There was a time when a strong male figure went into the woods to provide food for his family. A long time ago men were hunting mammoths. Such wild beast (not the man but the mammoth), provided people with food as well as with fur. Times have changed; the old mammoths are extinct now, but not the wild hunters.

Ushanka hats will keep you warm even in the worst weather conditions. Men will be able to find their inner hunter. For a long time ushanka hat was a symbol of manhood and bravery. In the Eurasia Steppes men wore this time of headgear since 7th century BCE to 4th century CE. However, Russians in 20th century turned such men’s winter hats into a cultural and political phenomenon. In arctic climate such hat keeps you warm. Besides being functional it is also trendy. Who says that only ladies fallow fashion trends. The wild hunters can also go for “Rabbity”. For a long time ushanka was a part of military uniform. Strong male figure wore such hat as a symbol of his bravery. Countries and regions like US, Canada, Finland, Germany and a majority of Eastern European as wells as Asian military forces use this type of headgear. If 7th century BCE men wore such hats during the hunting season, modern men used them to cover their heads during military operations. For men fur hats have always been functional rather than fashionable.

If a man goes “rabbity” he goes back into the wild. They go from boys to men. Genuine fur will keep them warm. Such man will be a true warrior. He will fight against winter frost and he might even tame some wild beast. Such men know where and when to go into the wild. He won’t get lost, because he has a great sense of direction. Wilderness is his home. Ushanka hats are the symbol of the wild beast and wild hunter that hides in every man.

If you want to be a 100 % man, wear a 100 % natural and genuine, hand made rabbit, raccoon or fox fur. Brown, black and grey colors will highlight your wild spirit. Once again be the man from the wild.