Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions.

Any products we supply and sell to you on this website, goes along with specific term and conditions. It is vital for you to understand, that ordering any of our products, means agreeing and becoming legally bound to our compulsory terms and conditions. Therefore you should print this document as a warranty for the future credentials.

We always keep the content of our contracts, so that we can always provide you via e-mail with further details of your order. Besides can always reach our terms and conditions on this site or download it to your device. If you want to find the information about your recent orders and purchases, simply login to your account and check the “My Account”.

Contact details. UAB “Open planes” VAT No. LT100008130318 (later referred as “Rabbity“) is “Product’s provider“. UAB “Open planes” is an European Union company based in Lithuania. Our office is registered in Street: Jaunimo 1a; Region: Ringaudai, Kauno raj., Zip: LT-53336, Country: Lithuania. Any comments or suggestions should be emailed to us info@rabbity.co.uk. As an alternative you can call us +370 652 00208

You are legally bound to these terms and conditions after you order any product on this Site, therefore you can’t break these regulations.

If you are placing an order on our site you prove that You are at least 18 years old.


You should make your own opinions and enquiries before deciding to place and order. You should not base any action only on information accessed using our site


This document is referred to all orders and contracts placed by two parties, us and a customer, for the sale and supply of our products. After you place an order You are bound to accept these terms and conditions, or You shall be constituted as unqualified customer. Once you selected a product that you wish to pay for, it will be shown with our site charges, including VAT, and if applicable any delivery charges. All prices are in the GBP. You will have to pay for the product you ordered in full, at the time you of ordering. You will need to supply us with your credit or paypal details.


At the time of your order submission to our site, you agree right away that all term and conditions are applicable to you. When you place a new order you become responsible to review the latest term and conditions each time you submit it.


When you submit the order you will receive exclusively electronic form of invoices.


We are not obligated to supply you with the product, until we have confirmed your order. Exception of your order information will be send email, fax or other informational purposes. But it does not represent the confirmation of the order. We will supply you with order references number and product details in e-mail confirmation. If there is any reason we can’t supply you with the exact product, we will offer you an alternative.


By the time we accept your order we form a contract between two parties, costumer and our company. After this we shall be legally bound to supply you with a quality product. We will accept your order by sending you an email in a document form, by the name of “confirmation of order”, where we will state that the ordered have been confirmed. We shall be legally bound to inform you when your product has been dispatched. We will provide you with an obligation to pay earlier and we may send you an invoice after we have accepted the order. Before confirming the order, we keep the right to refuse the procession of your order and you will have a right to cancel it. If order have been cancelled before confirmation, we are legally bound to refund any payment you made by your credit card company.


If you noticed any chance of a mistake with your order after placing order, please inform us by email info@rabbity.co.uk as soon as possible.


This contract will only relate to those products, that we dispatched and have confirmed their order. We are not obligated to supply other products, which are a part of your order without our confirmation.


You shall submit information which is correct and not fallacious. You need to keep your order information up to date and inform us of any changes.



You are bound to inform us in your order about the place of the delivery, and we aim to deliver the product by your request.

We will try to deliver the product within the time confirmed by us at the procession of your order. We always try to deliver within 5 - 10 working days counting from the date of any order which we confirmed. But we cannot insure you of any delivery company delays.

We are bound to inform you of any inabilities to meet our estimated delivery date, but the delivery companies’ law extent our permission and we may not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses emerging from the late delivery date.

You may be required to sign for delivery of the product. You may inspect the product for any obvious defects, damages or faults before you sign for delivery. You are obligated to keep the receipt of the delivered product if you want to discuss with us about it in the future.

Our deliveries are limited within UK.

Our products are delivered in standard packaging. If you request any specific packaging, inform us before confirmation.

You are taking all risk of the product upon delivery, with the exception, where we delay the delivery due to a violation of your obligations under contract. Risk shall be passed to you at the date of possible delivery. When risk passes to you, we are no longer liable for the loss or destruction of the product.

Being careful when opening the product is vital. You may damage it by using sharp instruments. Therefore we won’t accept any products back, where the damage is your own fault.

You must confirm that you received a safe delivery of the product without any delays at any time.

In case you are not present at the time of the delivery or collection, please leave a note giving instructions on re-delivery or collection from the carrier;

If you refuse to accept delivery and it is delayed, or if you do not accept delivery or collect the product from carrier within two weeks of our first attempt, without any effect on other right or remedy available to us, we may do either or both: You will be charged for our reasonable storage fee and other delay costs drawn by us or/and the product will be no longer being available for delivery or collection. We will inform you and immediately cancel your contract. In that case of this cancellation your money will be refunded to your credit or debit card account. However you will be charged with our reasonable administration fees, which include attempting to deliver, returning the product and any other storage fees.

With this contract you become responsible of ensuring that the product is sufficient and suitable for your needs and fits your individual requirements. However we do not guarantee that our product will fit your specifically individual needs. With this contract you agree that products you order are standard, but not made bespoken to fit your particular requirements.



Your contract may be cancelled if the product is not available at the time of your order. We are obligated to inform you about the cancellation and refund any payment you have already made.

Our usual refund of any money received will be made using the same original method operates to pay for the product. This means that you will get a refund to the same bank account you used on our site.


This contract may be cancelled and any delivered product returned to us for any reason. If you are not satisfied with the item sent to you, providing that you shall contact us within 30 days of delivery, you may cancel this valid contract and return the product. You must contact us and inform us to:

UAB “Open planes”

Street: Jaunimo 1a;

Region: Ringaudai, Kauno raj.

Zip: LT-53336

Country: Lithuania.

Mail.: info@berabbity.com

Phone: +370 652 00208


Your request shall be approved the day it was sent. By the time you possess the goods, you gain a duty to uphold them and reasonably take care of them. Therefore you are obligated to return our product in its original condition.


By the time you have informed us of your wish to cancel the contract, any sum you debited from your bank account, will be refunded within 30 days of cancellation. This procedure will be made as soon as possible at any event.


If a product was purchased with a vouchers discount or promotional voucher, we are obligated to refund the exact amount you paid to your bank account.


Faulty Products

If you purchased an item with a specific instruction, supplied by manufacturer or published on our site, you are responsible to use the product according to them;

It is vital that the conditions of our products are excellent. However, if we are informed that you got a faulty product, you are obligated to keep it in its current condition. While we are bound to inspect the product within reasonable time.

We may need certain information about the faulty product, in order to inform you with a return policy. This information includes specification of reasonable product details, which proves it is certainly damaged or defected and providing the delivery note number and any other information we will require.

If we will find that the product has been used improperly, mistreated or neglected and inadequately cared, purposefully damaged in abnormal conditions or incorrectly modified or repaired after any accident or been used or aggravated through abnormal wear and tear;

If we find a product in such conditions after delivery, we may not repair, replace or refund you. In fact we might require you to pay for carriage costs, servicing at our standard fees and costs. This charged will be sent to your credit or debit card account, or any other payment detail you have given us when you placed an order. To the extent authorized by the law, we will not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or charges and expenses due to your inappropriate care of our product.

Data protection

Please study carefully our Privacy Policy which forms are the part of these terms and conditions;

Circumstances beyond our control

We are not liable to you for any violation, impediment or delay in the accomplishment of a contract imputable to any causes beyond our control. That includes without limitation any act of third parties, such as hackers, suppliers, governments, national or local authorities. We are not liable in either situation of riot, war, hostilities, warlike operations, terrorism acts, piracy, arrest, national emergencies, strikes, fire, epidemic, explosions, flood, storms, and droughts. Natural disasters so as restrains of any competent authority are beyond our control. We are not liable for accidents such as mechanical breakdowns, failures or problems with utility supplies, which includes failures of electricity, telecoms or internet. “Event of Force Majeure” that includes shortages of supplies, materials, equipment or transportation, notwithstanding of the circumstance that could have been foreseen.

In the event of force majeure either you or we might cancel a contract by written notice for a period of two business days or more. In these conditions neither we or you will be liable, however we shall be obligated to refund you for the product you paid, if it hasn’t been delivered.

Default and liquidation

If you are in a violation of any of your obligations under this contract or give a notification of your inability to pay your debts within the meaning of Section 123 of the Insolvency Act 1986, which implies that your creditors suspended the payment, or that there is a resolution of your liquidation, or an administrator is appointed to manage your business and property affairs, which also means that you are entitled to the court or a creditor appointment to make a liquidation or bankruptcy order, or that you have taken an action in consequence of debt in any jurisdiction;

In this case of liquidation we may immediately terminate the contract. However we are obligated to give you a notice in writing and retain any of your previous payments. We will be identified against all costs, claims, damages, liabilities and expenses until you immediately become payable.

This termination of a contract shall not breach any gained rights or remedies of both of our two parties. This event will not have any effect on the continuance of any provisions after such termination.


The record of your order and these terms and conditions shall be kept until five years after we have confirmed and accepted your order. However, we advise you to keep a copy of this document and the confirmation of your order, for the future references;


There will be no failure or delay by both of our two parties in a benefit of any right under these term and conditions. Two parties contract shall operate as a declaimer of such rights or have an effect on subsequent events by impairing remedies, modifying or diminishing rights of our two parties under these terms and conditions.


If any article of this document or a contract may be declared by any court or competent jurisdiction as invalid or impracticable, this shall in no way affect other paragraphs, all of which remains in full force. Therefore these term and conditions as well as a contract shall be cable of continuing without impracticable term.


Under these terms and conditions, as well as under a contract, you shall not charge, assign, transfer, sub-contract and novate and create any trust or deal in any other way.


A partnership, an agency or a relationship of employer and employee between you and our company shall not be created under no circumstances of these terms and conditions.


Any other person who is not a party of these terms and condition or not a part of a contract shall not acquire any rights or get a benefit from these terms and conditions.


Lithuania’s law shall govern and construed these terms and conditions and a contract. Both of our two parties shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Lithunian courts. Communication between our two parties shall be conducted in the English language.


Amendment to the terms and conditions

We keep the right to make corrections for these terms and conditions at any time. All amendments of this document will be posted on-line. However, the continuous use of this site shall deem to constitute, that you accept these new term and conditions.


Terms of Use

The document you will find on this page specifies the terms of use (“terms of use”) of our website www.berabbity.com (“Website”). As a guest or as possible registered user, you are obligated to read carefully our terms of use before signing up to this website. If you are using this website, it means that you have accepted our terms of use, and you have agreed to adhere by them. By using any part of our website you constitute your admissionof these terms of use. It will take effect from the date you first used our website. However, if you do not accept these terms of use, you shall desist using our website immediately;

This website is managed by UAB “Open planes” ("we"), a company which is registered in Lithuania by the legal number 302795358, VAT no. LT100008130318. This companys’ registered office is in Jaunimo 1a, Ringaudai, Kauno raj., LT-53336, Lithuania.

We have a right to make any changes to these terms of use at any time. These changes will be posted online without notice to you. You have a responsibility to regularly review the information that we post online. If you continue to use our website after any changes are posted, you are obligated to accept these amendments to terms of use.


You have a responsibility for all access to our website through your internet connection and for taking these terms of use to the attention of all such persons.


You are forbidden to use our website or submit to the website and any user of the website anything which in any respect: is a violation of any laws, statutes, regulations or byelaws of any valid jurisdiction; is roguish, unlawful or criminal; is outdated or inaccurate; may be indecent, pornographic, vulgar, offensive, profane, discriminatory, racist, sexist, harmful, harassing, threatening, abusive, hateful, untrue or political; may invade or violate copyrights and any intellectual property rights, which includes without limitation trade mark rights and broadcasting rights, as well as privacy or any other rights of third party; involves use, delivery or transmission of any viruses from your side, such as unsolicited emails, Trojan horses, back and trap doors, worms, time bombs, eastern eggs, computer programming routines, cancelbots, all of that are intended to damage or expropriate any system, data or personal information.


Commentary material posted on our website is not intended to advice or to amount on which dependence shall be placed. Therefore we disclaim all liabilities and responsibilities, which arise from any dependence placed on such materials by any visitor to our website, or anyone that may be informed of its content.


Any instructions we make from time to time should be agreed and complied by you at all times.



Security, accuracy and availability of the website


Due to the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee or make warranty that the website will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free. However, we endeavour to make our Website available 24 hours a day. In addition, we are obligated to occasionally carry out repairs, maintenance or introduce new facilities or functions on our website.


Accessibility of our website might be temporarily or permanently suspended and withdrawn (without a notice) to you or from you personally or to all of our users. Any length and manner usage of any part of our website for any reason may be restricted. If any restrictions are imposed on you personally, you shall not attempt to use our website under any other name or user.


We are not responsible if your hardware and software is not compatible with our website. We shall not have any liability for damage, viruses or other codes that might affect your computer, software, data and any other property as a result of your access to our website. We shall not have any liability for actions taken by third parties.


Without a notice to you we shall change or update our website or any information in it.


We are obligated to ensure that the information and material on our website is correct. However, no guarantee or submission, express or implied is given that they are accurate, updated, and complete or fit to a certain purpose. Because of extent permitted by the law, we shall not accept any liabilities for any fouls or exclusions. Any obligations under any contract shall not be affected. Services, accurate information and advices shall be provided and available on our site to people who appropriately use the password;


All the material on our website is only for informational purposes and it shall not evoke any commitment or obligation by us. Therefore any information you will find on our website shall not form any part of our contract.



Registration for the Service


In case of an order submission to our website, you shall need to register for an account (an “Account) on this website first. By registering to “My User Account” you will gain a right to order and purchase one of the products listed on our website. For this registration you will need to supply us with your name and email address and some other personal details. For more information visit our Privacy Policy page.


From the date you registered on our website, you shall be asked to create a username and allocate a password to your account. Your password must be kept confidential and if there is any chance that any unauthorised third party breached your security, please notify us immediately. You are entirely responsible for maintaining your confidentiality of your password. Therefore, you personally agree that any person to whom this user name or password is related, acts authorised as an agent for the purpose of using your account.


Your personal email address must be valid and regularly accessed in order to register on our website, otherwise administration emails will not reach you. If any account have been registered with someone else email or temporary addresses, we shall close your account without a notice. You may be required to validate your accounts at registration if there is any slight possibility of an invalid email address;


If a non-UK user pretend to be a UK user, or interrupts the Website in any way, we reserve a right to close your account;


Your registered account gives you an option to sign up to receive or to pick out receiving any informational emails, such as newsletters, informational offers etc. We also give you an ability to unsubscribe from such informational emails at any time.


You will be unable to directly retrieve our saved information relating any order that you submitted on our website for security reasons. However, you have a right to access this information by logging into your account. There will be information related to your completed, opened or recently dispatched orders. You may manage and save your personal information, such as address, bank details and any newsletters to which you may have subscribed.


Our liability


Death or personal injury caused by our disregard, or for our fraudulent falsification or for any obligations that we cannot be eliminated or limited at law, will be reasonably accepted by us as a liability;


We shall not be liable under any legal head of obligations, for contract, misdemeanour, negligence, falsification and restitution in a connection to your use, delay or inability to use our website or any material in it. Accessibility or any action or decision taken as a result of the use of our Website or such material for any unforeseen or consequential losses and damages, costs and expenses; loss of actual or predicted profits; loss of contracts; loss of the use of money; liquidation of business; loss of procedure time; loss of opportunity; damage or corruption of data; whether we have reasonably anticipated or advised of the possibility of such losses. Whether such losses are direct, indirect of consequential, we shall avoid any doubt.


By submitting a new order for a product on our Website, you enter into a contract with us and accept our Terms and Conditions, which are related to our liabilities and limitations.


Trade Marks


Names and logos and all related design marks, slogans, services are the trade mark of UAB “Open planes” and our licensors.



Intellectual Property Rights


All intellectual property rights are reserved and protected by copyrights law and contracts around the world.


Papers or digital copies of any material shall not be modified. Any printed or downloaded materials shall not be used with any video, audio or any graphics separately from accompanying text.


You shall obtain a licence from us or our licensors, if you want to use any part of material from our website for commercial purposes.


Your right to use our website shall be terminated immediately if you print off, copy or download any part of our website in a violation of these terms of use. After this termination you are obligated to return or destroy any modified copies of the materials.


Third Party Websites


We cannot control and accept responsibility for the content of any other sites than our own. However, if those links exist on our website without our provision, they are considerate to be unwarranted with the information provided with them. We do not endorse or recommend any other third party sites to which the website provides a link.




Any invalid, illegal or unenforceable terms under the laws of any state or country (where these terms should be effective) shall be separated and deleted. However, the remaining terms of use shall remain in full force and continue to be obligatory and enforceable.


Lithuanian law and jurisdiction


Lithuanian law shall govern these terms of use, the use of our website with all non-contractual affairs ascending out of it. By signing up to our website you are exclusively submitting to the jurisdiction of the Lithuanian courts. Therefore any dispute which may arise under these terms of use will be settled through Lithuanian law and jurisdiction.